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EO Lighting's range of LED Lamps are designed specifically to make your transition to sustainable lighting as easy as possible. Most of our LED Lamp bulbs have GU10 or ES27 screw fittings which fit standard fittings. Our MR16 (or GU5.3) low voltage bulbs also fit standard fittings.

LEDs gained a reputation a few years ago for having a weak light output which was often blue in appearance. No longer. And certainly not from Eo Lighting. We are at the forefront of this technology. There are many lights in our range which are a warm white, echoing the light of a halogen lamp. LEDs are able to be coloured precisely – much more precisely than any other lights.

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Why switch to EO Lighting's LED Lamps?

As well as being highly energy-efficient, our lights are suitable for retro-fit installation and new builds. This means they can be used to replace existing lights (especially inefficient halogens) and/or be installed into buildings being designed for the future.

Eo lights are all thoroughly tested before they are released onto the market. They are all CE approved, ROHS compliant and all tested to meet minimum safety standards. They can be truly relied upon for longevity and for performance. That is why they carry guarantees – unlike most of the competition.